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Teacher Marcelo has been teaching English for 20 years and currently teaches via Skype. Marcelo is also a psychologist and attends his patients through the same system; via Skype. In addition, he feeds a site focused on self-help and psychology with his thoughts, teachings and techniques for the welfare of those who want to drink the water of this source.


Luiz Norberto Capra 
Director at Mabizza AlimentosI recommend Teacher MARCELO, AND ATTENDED WHEREAS exceeded my expectations LIKE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING. EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL. OPERATES IN EMPLOYMENT very seriously.
28 de março de 2012, Luiz Norberto was a student of Marcelo Paschoal
Thiago de Souza Firmino
PL Operations Analyst Fixed Income.Marcelo is a good professional running their activities clearly and effectively.
7 de janeiro de 2012, Thiago de Souza was a student of Marcelo Paschoal
João Castro 
Operation Control at JMC Eng. & ConsultoriaMarcelo Paschoal is a great profissional
7 de janeiro de 2012, João era cliente de Marcelo Paschoal
Eliana Pereira
Comercial and Marketing Manager.Marcelo is an excellent mentor and has an excellent perception (advantages of psychology) to offer training (English either leisure or work) as appropriate in each situation.
31 de outubro de 2011,
Eliana was a sudent of Marcelo Paschoal
Alan P. Souza
Industrial Supervisor
Marcelo is an English teacher and very skilled because of their training in psychology can better understand the difficulties and strengths of students and creates individualized ways of passing knowledge effectively. 
30 de outubro de 2011, Alan was a student ofMarcelo Paschoal
Beto Cesar
PEDAGOGO/PEDAGOGO HOSP./PSICOPEDAGOGO/PSICANALISTAMarcelo is an excellent professional, considering his resume of professional training in educational institutions recognized and respected academically promoters of training professionals to meet the demands of a highly competitive. Marcelo labor market is presented in its curriculum with training in clinical psychology and as a teacher. 
30 de outubro de 2011, Beto era cliente de Marcelo Paschoal


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