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Nowadays people need to know another language, but unfortunately due to today’s rat race, we find short time to dedicate ourselves to acquire new knowledge. But let’s suppose: What if you could take a course without leaving home? … That’s it, you can take a course in the comfort of your home, at your work or even at a hotel. All you need is internet connection and Skype account to have access to English classes. Our schedules are extremely flexible. For sure you will be to find a suitable time that best fits your daily routine. In addition all the didactic material is provided via internet with cost zero.

You are taking an English course that is VIP and it will have a total focus on the student’s needs. You can do it at any time, provided that your classes are booked . Teacher Marcelo Paschoal Pissuto owns experience teaching online classes and can help you improve your English in a way that you have never expected , all that without leaving the warmth of your home .


So that there is compromise between teacher and student and that classes go on smoothly and in a transparent way, there are some rules to be met:


If you have some unforeseen need to cancel classes, please do it at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will have no right to make-up classes, regardless the reason.


Classes are offered by monthly packages. Payment is charged in advance. Note: Classes are given only if payment is confirmed.


Make-up classes will be held within 07 days from the cancellation date, provided that they do not match the regular schedule. They are not cumulative for the following month package. If the make-up class is not scheduled within that period it cannot be used .


Make-up class will be considered given if neither the teacher nor the student has available schedule for it.


If you have to be absent for a short or a long period of time, please aware your teacher in advance, otherwise you will be charged for the respective package.


Try to review the class contents in your free time. For every one-hour class you will need to study for 30 minutes . Dedication is very important for your success.


Do not miss your sample class; commitment and trust are the foundation of a good relationship between the teacher and the student.

Thank you very much.


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